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Vessel Information
Vessel Name:Knot Covered
Vessel Mfr:HCB
Length:53.00 ft
Beam:0.00 ft
Port of Origin: 
Engine Mfr: 
Website:Click Here
Captain:Nick Zeher
Mate:Donny Zeher
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Team Anglers
Jay LaniganMale
Jim Loomis, Sr,Male
Jimmie Loomis, Jr.Male
Michael WalshMale
Team Stats
Team Status: Professional
Points: 500
Scheduled Lay Day
Lay Day: Wed, Jan 22, 2014
Team Fish Log
AnglerSpeciesCatch TimePoints
  Jay LaniganSailfish1.25.14 11:46:23100.00
  Jimmie Loomis, Jr.Sailfish1.24.14 10:42:07100.00
  Jay LaniganSailfish1.23.14 10:25:03100.00
  Jim Loomis, Sr,Sailfish1.23.14 09:59:23100.00
  Jim Loomis, Sr,Sailfish1.23.14 09:32:14100.00